Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 2 in Kigali

Today we went to the Kigali Memorial Museum for Genocide. As you might imagine, it is quite intense, but it is really well done. A blog like this is not the place for extensive reflection on either the Rwandan genocide or genocide in general, but I must say that it is striking how apparently quickly and thoroughly Kigali has recovered from the horror. You can't know what lies under the surface until you've lived somewhere for a while, but on the surface, Kigali is a city of and for the future. The folks here are friendly, the city moves, but it is not chaotic. And we had remarkably good pizza last night.

Tomorrow we are off for Tanzania. The drive will take more than 10 hours. Stephanie, the on-the-ground Amizade coordinator here, says it is beautiful and that we might see some monkeys. If we do we'll try to get pictures.

Next-to-final note: we saw our first weaver birds at the museum today. We'll try to post pictures of them on the blog over the weekend.

Final note: our friends Marty and Natalie will be visiting this weekend for our welcoming party at Mavuno, the organization that is hosting us. We're superexcited to see both of them.


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  1. Excellent blog! Glad to hear you've arrived safely. Terry